About Us

About A.S.G.

    A. Seemar Greenhouse was formed from a hobby.  Andrew Seemar, who pursued his interest in horticulture at a very young age, turned a hobby into a well-respected company.  At ASG, we strive to offer top-quality plants that consumers will be satisfied with.  As a grower, we are always keeping up with the lastest trends.  You can find unique colors and varieties in our product portfolio. Customer satisfaction is our #1 prioriety!  Our team is well-trained to answer your gardening questions.  We want you to succeed at gardening. Your success is our passion!

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A. Seemar Greenhouses is a local grower in Central NJ. We offer a wide variety of spring annuals, tropicals, hardy mums, poinsettias, Christmas greenery, and OF COURSE THE FAMOUS ITALIAN BASIL! A.S.G. offers a large pot of Italian basil from our Gardening for Flavor TM product line. Italian basil makes simple ingredient recipes a true cuisine. Find our Gardening for Flavor TM Italian Basil at your local produce market.
Why Us? How did we become Environmentally Friendly?

Carefully Selected Varieties

All of our varieties are choosen carefully to flourish even in severe weather conditions.

Locally Grown

You are supporting an independently owned business that is local to your community. 

Naturally Grown

You are purchasing naturally grown vegetable & herbs.  This means only natural remedies were used to deter harmful diseases & insects

Customer Friendly

Along with premium grown products, we offer an oustanding customer service to answer all your gardeing questions. 

Environmental Friendly

We have reduced our carbon footprint to become a friend to the environment.


Wood Pellets for Heat

     Our greenhouses are heated with wood pellets.  We have greatly reduced the carbon footprint by using this renewable energy.  Wood pellets are produced from sawdust.  It can either be hardwood, softwood, or a blend of both.  The sawdust is heated at high temperatures then forced through a "spaghetti" mold.  They are then cooled and dried.  We use hardwood pellets sourced from PA to reduce shipping miles.  Canada, Maine, and Virgina are also leading providers along the East Coast region.  

Recycling Program

At any of our market locations, customers can bring back empty plastic containers and trays.  A plant cart is dedicated to accept the plastics.  We then transport the recycled material to our facility to be processed.  Containers and trays are separated by the recycable code.  They are then palletized to be shipped to a responsible recycler.