Your Success is Our Passion.

     We want to see you succeed with a thriving garden.  This is why A. Seemar Greenhouses works closely with industry experts to carefully select varieties that can withstand our region growing environment.  We welcome your questions freely.  Please submit your gardening question through our "Contact Us" section of this website.  One of our experts will be in touch in a timely manner.  
Bedding Flats 
A successful garden always begins with quality-grown bedding flats. 
4" -6" Containers 
An excellant way to spruce up the voids in landscapes or window boxes. 
Hanging Baskets 
The key to adding an array of colors to show off the beauty of a home.  
Specialty containers finalizes any landscape design. 
2020 Product Portfolio  

Be Inspired by 2020 Color of the Year...

Pantone Classic Blue

Stop by for our Inspired Plant Choices


Bedding Flats 






-Dusty Miller





-Polka Dot 




4"-6"  Pot


-Calibrachoa (Million Bells)


-Confetti Mix


-Draceana Spike (Green, Red, or Variegated)


-Gerbera Daisy

-Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine)

-Kong Coleus




-Mix Master (three plant varieties or color)

-New Guinea Impatiens

-Non-Stop Begonia



-Wave Petunia

-Vinca Vine

10-12" Hanging Basket

-Boston Fern

-Combination Mixes




-Million Bells

-Mistral Begonia

-New Guinea Impatiens

-Non Stop Begonia



-6" Morning Glory on Trellis

-6" Nasturtium

-6" Sunflower Dwarf

 -6" Thunbergia (Black Eye Susan Vine) on Trellis

8" Mixed Annual Planter

8" Sunflower Tall (Sold without flowers.  Plant needs to be established in ground 1st.)

-10" Patio Pot Combination Mix (Plant varieties vary)

-12" Designer Hanging Baskets Combination Mix (Plant varieties vary)

-12" Patio Pot Combination Mix (Plant varieties vary)

12" Welcome Urn with Combination Mix (Plant varieties vary)

-15" Patio Pot Combination Mix (Plant varieties vary)

-3 Gallon Roses (Knock-Out/Tea)

 4"-6" Container

-Black Eyed Susan 

 -Coral Bells



 -Fox Glove


 -Hens & Chicks (Succulents)


 -Fountain Grass



 -Multi-Bloom Hydrangea

 -Shasta Daisy 

 **Many other varieties may be available and may not be listed.

Gardening for Flavor TM*

Be inspired to grow YOUR own veggies and herbs with our premium-grown plants.
4"-8" Container


  -Blue Lake Bush


  -Marketmore (Salad Cucumber)


  -Straight 8


  -Black Beauty (Large)

  -Early Midnight (Patio)

  -Ichiban (Long & Skinny)

-Snowy (White)



  -Big Bertha (Red Bell)

  -Big Guy (Jalapeno Hybrid)

-Black Beauty (Bell)

  -California Wonder (Bell)

  -Chinese Giant (Red Bell)

  -Cubanelle Italian Fryer

  -Golden California Wonder (Yellow Bell)

  -Hot Wax Hungarian 


  -Long Red Cayenne

  -Sweet Banana 




  -Dark Green Zucchini 

  -Butternut Squash 

  -Large Orange Pumpkin

  -Yellow  Squash


  -Beefsteak (Large Round)

  -Big Boy Bush (Medium Round)

  -Better Boy (Medium Round)

  -Bradywine Heirloom (Large)

-Fantastico (Grape)

-Indigo Kumquate F1 (Grape)

-Little Sicily (Medium Round)

-Midnight Snack (Medium Round)

  -Premio (Medium)

  -Red Large (Cherry)

  -Roma (Paste Plum)

  -Rutgers (Large)

   -San Marzano Heirloom (Paste Plum)

  -Sun Gold (Yellow Cherry)

-Supersteak (Large Round)

  -Sweet 100 (Cherry)

  -Yellow Pear (Plum)


  -Basil (Italian)

  -Basil (Lemon)

  -Basil (Purple Ruffle)

  -Basil (Thia Siam Queen)

   -Cat Nip





  -Lemon Balm

  -Lemon Grass

  -Oregano (Italian) 

  -Parsley (Curly)

  -Parsley (Italian Flat Leaf)





  -Thyme (English)

**Many other varieties may be available and may not be listed.**



Patio Baby TM* features a lightweight, easy to handle and care for patio tomato.  Patio Baby is designed for gardeners who have very limited space. We recommend to keep soil moist, and fertilize twice a week.  

6"-18" Container


  -Boston Fern

-Christmas Palm



  -Gardenia (Bush)

  -Gardenia (Tree)

  -Hibiscus (Bush)

  -Hibiscus (Braid)

  -Jasmine (Bush)


-Majesty Palm


  -Palm Tree (Varieties Vary, All for full sun)




  -Wandering Jew

**Many other varieties may be available and may not be listed.**


8" Hardy Mum (All Colors of Mums Available)

10" Hardy Mum (Limited Mum Colors Available)

8" Specialty Container  (Limited Mum Colors Available)

10" Specialty Container (Limited Mum Colors Available)

10" Hanging Basket (Multi Color Mum Only)

12" Hanging Basket (Limited Mum Colors Available)

12" Specialty Container (Limited Mum Colors Available)

12" Welcome Urn (Limited Mum Colors Available)

12" Wood Barrel Natural or Wine Wood Color (Limited Mum Colors Available)










Other Fall Products 

-8" Cabbage

-8" Celosia

-8" Kale

-8" Millet

-8"Ornamental Pepper




4.5" Pot Size

6" Pot Size

10"Pot Size


Grave Blanket- Blank or Decorated

8" Holiday Wooden Basket with Decorations

12" Holday Welcome Urn Decorated

Kissing Ball Decorated


24" Round Blank, with Bow, or Decorated

32" Round Blank, with Bow, or Decorated

Candy Cane Wreath- Blank or Decorated

Cross Wreath- Blank or Decorated